Now Featuring . . .

by Nemesys

Once again, Ken has added a State-of-the-art piece of gear to his Totally Digital facility. Nemesys' Gigasampler proved that a fast PC could compete with the latest hardware samplers, and provided some features they simply couldn't match — such as sampled instruments many gigabytes in size. When Nemesys first introduced their Gigasampler software, most hardware samplers were only expandable to about 32Mb of RAM, so the idea of being able to use sampled instruments of up to 4.3Gb in size was pretty remarkable. It relied on patent-pending Endless Wave technology to stream the sounds in real time from a hard drive, rather than loading and then playing them from RAM. Nowadays you can fill samplers such as Akai's S5000 and S6000 with up to 256Mb of RAM, but often this still requires sounds to be looped, which can be a compromise.

The beauty of Gigasampler, by contrast, is that you can create no-holds-barred libraries of multisampled acoustic sounds like bass, choir, guitar, harp, piano, and strings, either with extremely long loops or with no looping at all, and never have to worry about running out of space. With almost unlimited sample capacity, you can also use multiple layers of samples to obtain more expressive sounds, either using velocity-switching, or with what Nemesys call 'Dimensions', switched using any MIDI controller. Using Dimensions you can change playing style during a performance at the twist of a mod wheel or the push of a foot-pedal, or have two different layers of piano sounds depending on whether the sustain pedal is up or down.

This addition to Ken's arsenal of sounds make his final product even MORE real than before.